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out oF thE Box

有几种不同的意思 常用的可以是 创造性的,非传统的,可以说think out of the box 有创造性的思考问题 立即可以用的, 可以说, it can be used out of the box 内存不足, its out of the box

out-of-the-box adj. 拆盒即可使用的,开箱即用的; 从箱子里出来 双语例句 1 Although Hibernate initially provides an out-of-the-box round-robin implementation, we need to provide tenant ID-based implementation for SaaS-based applic...

out-of-the-box idea 走出盒子的想法 、 out-of-the-box idea 走出盒子的想法

Out-of-Box 出箱 双语对照 例句: 1. To perform site warehouse management, including out-of-box inspection, storagemanagement, outcoming and incoming management, etc. 现场仓库管理,包括开箱检验、仓储管理、出入库管理等内容。

come out of the box 从盒子里出来 Joe watched, with bulging eyes, a few shirts and several changes of underclothes come out of the box, followed by books, and more books. 乔睁大了眼睛望着他取出几件衬衫和内衣内裤,然后便是书,再...

out of the box: 1)“Out of box”用于描述某种不确定的事件。常常作为副词来形容某种观点的不确定性。据说这个词同20世纪早期的英国数学家亨利?恩斯特?杜德耐解答一个著名数学谜语的思路相关。题目要求用四条直线连接平面上三乘三分布的九个点,...

why not think out of the box的中文翻译 why not think out of the box 为什么不考虑这个盒子

out-of-the-box thinking 创造性思维;思考;创新思维 例句筛选 1. You would need to be creative in the design and have out of the boxthinking when coding and laying out the site. 您将需要在设计创意,有思想的方块编码时,铺出了该网...

think out of the box 意思是:打破陈规 以下双语例句: 1. Let's brainstorm some ideas here . Consentrate on some new and different solutions. We need to think out of the box. 大家来出出主意吧. 有没有什么新的,与以往不同的解决方案....

out of the box 英 [aut ɔv ðə bɔks] 美 [aʊt ʌv ði bɑks] (澳/新西兰,非正式)非常好 走出盒子

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