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是可数名词,常复数 efforts。


effort: 1.不可数:表示力量和精力。I can carry it without effort. It's a waste of time and effort. 2. 可数:~to do sth 努力,奋斗。 Your effort is bound to be successful. 你的努力一定会成功的。 Despite all our efforts we still l...

要看具体语境,effort在某些情况下可数,在某些语境下不可数,如果可数,用a lot of efforts 如果不可数用a lot of effort因为a lot of 要么跟可数名词...


正确用法是不可数即:spare no effort to do sth. 句中 effort 是指“精力和或力量”,是不可数的。所以全句应理解成“不遗余力地做某事”

effort用法注意1 表示一般性的努力(即表泛指意义),通常是不可数名词。如: It’s a waste of time and effort. 那是浪费时间和精力。 若强调一次一次具体的努力,通常是可数名词,尤其与all, these等修饰语连用。如: All his efforts were of n...

对于体力或情感上的付出通常用不可数形式,其它的则可数。如 You should put more effect into your work. You are making even greater effects to interest more children each you have tought.

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