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BE mEAn with sB

be mean to sb. 对…刻薄; 对…吝啬; 是指对别人很差,很苛刻!

be mean to sb. 对…刻薄;对…吝啬;是指对别人很差,很苛刻! 例句和用法: 1. don’t be mean to him,he is just a kid. 不要对他太苛刻,他只不过是孩子. 2. i don’t want to be mean to anybody,but his nosiness is really exasperating. 我并不...

1.prove sb/sth(to be)+n/adj 2.prove(to be)+n/adj 3.appear(to mean over/about/with 22.take shelter number/amounts 24.TV ...

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