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State-owned-Company 国有独资公司 双语对照 例句: 1. But he acknowledges that it is almost impossible to win a lawsuit against a state owned company. 但他承认,如果对方是一家国有企业,想打赢官司几乎是不可能的。

family-owned company 家族公司 例句 1.We are a family owned company that can save you lots of money. 我们是一家家庭拥有的公司干洗机价格,可为您节省很多钱。 2.Maars is a family owned company and was founded in 1946. 马尔斯是个家...

state-owned business 网络 国有企业; [例句]It was moreover a step away from individual initiative, towards collectivism and municipal and state-owned business. 而且这也是公司摆脱个体创造,走向集体化和市营、国营迈出的一步。

company-owned 网络 公司自有的; [例句]This memo explains the use of company-owned laptop computers and pertinent company policies. 这份备忘录解释了有关归公司所有的手提电脑的使用问题和相关的公司政策。

firm 公司,商行 company,corporation 差不多,都是公司 enterprise 企业,规模大 你自己的私人小企业,用private company就可以了 商务助理Commercial Assistant 做代理业务provide agent service

你好很高兴回答你的问题 : publicly-ownedcompany。 公开企业。 望采纳 谢谢


At present a state-owned company, enterprise personnel breach of duty crime has a special system background and system background. Because of the property...

According to the different nature of the company, now has two kinds of ways for the certification documents: Class A: the company is state-...

French state-owned railway company is establised in 1937 by nationalizing some private paticated the construction of French rail network in the ...

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