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Forgery-proof inquiry; counterfeiters will be investigated

Patented in multiple countries.Counterfeits will be prosecuted.

版权所有 [词典] [法] all right reserved; [例句]版权所有,翻印必究。 All rights reserved; those responsible for unauthorized reproduction will be prosecuted. 仿冒必究 Counterfeiting

patent of invention,all rights resevered 产品说明书上的,正确

仿冒必究 Imitation is not permitted 专利产品,仿冒必究 patented product(s), counterfeiting not allowed 本产品已申请专利,仿冒必究。 This product has been patented, and copying is not permitted.

此灯造型独特,新颖典雅,晶莹剔透。采用独有的灯光艺术,更使其光线亮丽柔和,色彩缤纷。 本产品外观实用、新型及商标已注册专利,仿冒必究。 翻译为 The lamp shape unique, novel and elegant, crystal clear. Use of unique lighting art, s...

Production of patent products 准确

模造品通报(もぞうひんつうほう) 符合日语习惯的。。

all rights reserved,counterfeiting not allowed

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